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Looking for an Affordable Carpet Cleaner in Christchurch? Call Montys Carpet Cleaning Christchurch today.

Montys Carpet Cleaning has been operating in Christchurch since 2012 and has the experience, equipment, and procedures to clean your carpets to the highest standard. 

Most Christchurch homeowners won’t realize that there are lots of different types of processes available when it comes to cleaning their Christchurch carpets.

 Many available cleaning methods are no longer deemed as effective or they are dated and there are much better carpet cleaning methods available for a safer and long-lasting clean.

Steam cleaning carpets for example is a very old method and we would not recommend that way of carpet cleaning these days – Why?  the way modern carpet is manufactured has changed. 

The reason many Christchurch carpet cleaners use this method is that its fast – you can pull up with a van, start your machine, and start cleaning. 

Your cleaned carpets will look good for around three days and will then return to a dirty and almost faded state. Once they have dried! 

At Monty’s carpet cleaning christchurch, we use the water extraction system as this allows us to deep clean your carpets. 

This includes pre-spraying your carpet with a professional carpet cleaning agitator – this takes around 25 minutes to really work. We use this time to clean your windows

We then start cleaning your carpets. We use water extraction and shampoo to clean your carpets. We also use a carpet conditioner, carpet pet treatment, and carpet scotch guard. 

Our method of carpet cleaning is designed to keep your carpets cleaner for longer. Our Facebook page