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Montys Christchurch  Window Cleaning is a professional window cleaner based in Christchurch. We pride ourselves on quality and professional window cleaning.  We have been servicing Christchurch and Rural Canterbury with Residential and Christchurch Commercial Window Cleaning for over 10 years now and our results speak for themselves.

Whether you’re selling your Christchurch home, expecting important guests, or just like to keep your windows sparkling, we can tailor a service to suit your needs. 

All our Christchurch staff is trained to the highest standard, and we only use eco-friendly products that ensure a streak-free finish every time.

All exterior windows are cleaned by hand and with our pure window cleaning system.

The term Pure Water in the window cleaning business describes ordinary tap water that has been filtered through a purification system, to remove all the natural minerals. This water is often described as ‘deionized water’ due to the type of filtration used.

 The reason for this is that pure water dries to leave a completely crystal clear finish, as opposed to general tap water that dries to leave minerals on the windows, which is the reason for hard water stains and unsightly white spotting.

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Window Cleaner Christchurch